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You can explore some of my work browsing through the following topics. If you have any questions, issues or requests I would love to get in touch with you!

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Developing the web

Since I learned to code and built my first website as a teenager on an Acer Travelmate 220 laptop, I'm constantly working on various web projects, where I develop frontend as well as backend.

See some of the technologies I'm working with in the following.


Programming and query languages

PHP Javascript Python MySQL XPath

Markup and web technologies

HTML5 XML CSS3 SASS Markdown json git

Libraries and frameworks

jQuery Vue.js Extbase F3


Typo3 Wordpress Mozilo Monstra PageKit Grav

Writing for the web

Where the quality of the idea matters,
not the author’s qualifications.

That is how Medium describes itself – a different kind of place to read and write on the Internet. Because of that philosophy and their beautifully simple story editor, I am writing articles, reviews and tutorials on Medium.


Latest articles

I know...
I have published just one article at the moment, but I want to write more stories in the future. Enjoy reading!

Me and my guitar

When I'm not busy coding, I constantly search for cool new chords and riffs on my acoustic guitar. I'm playing by hearing and learning by trying. I give lessons in guitar and ukulele.


Get in touch

You need somebody to develop or maintain your website? You have a question or a feature request concerning frontend or backend? You just want to leave me a message?

Great! Feel free to send me an email, find me on Keybase or register for my Keybase team to chat.